Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Print Designing: the Smart Way!

Are you a print designer? If yes, read on. If no, then too read on! Print designing is one of those areas of expertise that gives you the option to explore the right side of your brain and pull out ideas that are completely out of the box. Sure, there are a multitude of tips and shortcuts out there that can tell you what you need for a print design from a print designing company, but what really nails it are the following tips.
  • Hierarchy: Set a hierarchy for your design. This helps is creating a roadmap for a reader to read the content. Creating a step wise designs will make the reader read through your eyes, quite literally. The best way to induce hierarchy is through fonts and colors. Give different colors and font to the heading and do the same with your core text. Pssst! Use a dominant color like crimson or purple for headings.

  • Font size matters: Want to differentiate between texts? Choose a different font size. Go for something bold and standout for the headings. For the core text, pick out something that compliments the font of the headline. Psst! Keep in mind the crux of content because that will help you choose the font properly. 

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  • Image placement: The first thing that catches the attention of the viewer is the image, so make your choices wisely. Once you are done with the choice of image, pay attention to the placement of your image. While choosing different images, lay stress on size flexibilities. Psst! Remember this mantra: Large text, small image & small text large image!
Keep these tips in your mind, and gear up for conceptualizing some great ideas and designs in future!

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