Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Is Your PPC Consultant Reliable?

Are you sure your Pay Per Click consultant is helping in the yielding the returns on the money you have invested in your online ads and must be wondering if at all your expenditure was worth it. In case you are wondering if your consultant was the correct choice, here are certain points which you must make sure you know! 

Is your consultant Google Certified?
Pay Per Click Marketing Company
It is recommended that you work with a Google Adwords certified company, wherein the individual rendering the PPC service is certified himself. Most of the Pay Per Click Consultant Companies in India are nowadays, Google certified.  

Do you have ownership of the account?
Always make sure you have the ownership of the account and you can access and log in your account anytime. You must have the account rights to change or edit anything you desire. 

Be clear about the deliverable
Right from the beginning, be very clear about what all information the PPC consultant is going to provide you with. Also, be sure about the format. Ask for only those services which you need. To be on the safe side, ask for a sample report. 

Will there be a constant management of the account? 
Have it decided beforehand that the consultant will not only set up an account. An ongoing management it required as well. Interactive Bees, for example, a Delhi based agency is a reliable Pay Per Click Consultant in India. They offer the most efficient monitoring and setting up of testing keywords and ad wording. They are also into setting up landing pages. 

If you are clear about the above mentioned points, you can give a green signal to the company/person with your PPC responsibilities.

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