Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Technical Stats That are Becoming a Standard in Web Development Industry

Web design and development is a comprehensive terminology that includes a visual and functional part making up a website or an application. The core crust comprising of design element, content management interface, and a technical backend ensures that website integrates the features of a rich responsive layout. However, the soft aspects that run a website smoothly are always forgotten in the excitement when you are presented with a visually attractive website. 

The mechanics behind web development depends upon what’s resides under the hood of a website. The engine running a website makes it perform to the latest W3C standards and integrates it across browser specifications. Keeping a checklist to validate a website will help you with a platform that is considered as an asset rather than a liability. 

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Check the website speed 
It is a matter of few seconds that can give your business a competitive advantage over the others. Avoid data intensive images, graphics, vectors and illustrations that together add to website’s memory bites (also known as page size) making it heavy and increase the loading time of a website. The user might not be able to access the website on a normal internet connection leading a business to lose a customer. 

Website Index 
It’s not unusual to see web links not reaching to the page directed around the users query. A good website index is a bird’s eye view which helps a visitor to reach to the relevant information pertaining to their inquiry without getting lost in the maze of information. A web development company helps create an index for a website and gets it submitted for search engine indexation so that the website can be found through a search query. 

Secure certificate 
It’s needless to say that a secure website keeps your information safe and comes with the right backup of credentials. A web development company in India will ensure that your business is prepared when it gets launched with a comprehensive protection. 

Web development is the necessary architecture that stands as a backbone for a good website. Make sure to invest into a good partner that can build your business to stand out on the web space.

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