Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Mega Update of Google

This 21st April, something significant is going to happen in Google. The ‘Mobileggedon’ is being awaited! Well, it is just an algorithm update that adapts mobile-friendliness as a ranking parameter. Unlike the Panda and Penguin updates that took the internet world by storm, unannounced and devastating to many, Google wore a halo this time and gave a full 2-month warning period to improvise your website and make it ‘Mobileggedon’ friendly. While companies that provide SEO services and SEM services in India are fretting over this update, we here make it easy for you! 

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Steer Clear of Flash: Do not use Flash pages on your website because a) they are not mobile-friendly which is actually the whole deal and b) Flash is obsolete and it’s 2015. 

Make your website Responsive:   Responsive websites are kind of ‘It’ thing since, well, they make surfing fun! A Responsive website is the one that responds to various screen sizes along with readable texts in each screen size. Having said that, websites require a special skill-set to do that so make sure your SEO services providing company have people who can pull this off. 

Put buttons and links far apart: Google is taking care of its user on a whole new level, so make sure that your website content places buttons and links at an optimum distance so that viewing in small screen doesn’t make it difficult to click on them or the user accidentally clicks on a different button. 

The upcoming update of Google is basically taking care of viewers holistically and with these things in mind, you will take care of your visitors too!

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