Thursday, 15 September 2016

Definitive Ways To Redefine Social Media Brand Power

Garnering attention worldwide, social media has become a powerful tool in dissemination of information. It has been evolving rapidly and taking the world by storm. Branding is all about building a strong brand connection, and with such distinctive platforms one can effortlessly unlock the benefit.


Here are some of the buzzing social media marketing trends that are transforming a brand image.
The biggest social media phenomenon, Facebook has been experiential in treating its users. With utmost creativity and enhanced features, the live in video feature has been beautifully adopted by the social media marketing company’s in India. The live in edition pave the path for an easy access to broadcast and build presence from scratch. 

Collaborating with media giants, the instant article feature is also a great hit among the users. Streamlining super-fast loading along with benefits of implementing audios and moving images has never been this easier.

Twitter, the most desirable platform to track trending topics and appealing mainstream media. Emerging topic and mapping events in the real time, is the go-to feature of this most desirable social media marketing tool. They rolled out some great initiative for maximizing the character limits. Increasing the eye-balls in revenue aspects, the conversational ads with hyper-targeting has been instrumental in visibility.

Slowly & steadily, Instagram is ruling the top charts in the social circuit. With millions of active users, it’s a sure shot way a brand can make a huge impact with on-trend features. Leveraging the sentiments of many users, the current boomerang app graciously captures the best moment within one second, much like GIF. To grab immediate attraction, the video feature sans sound is quite a rage. Catching up on the newest feature, this whole video without sounds instantly grabs attention without being over-board.

Snapchat, boasts of being the efficient arsenal in garnering attention of this millennial. It has surpassed the video watching experience and has achieved a higher rate of users beating its counterparts. The concoction of a strong brand power and proliferation of celebrity power brings out the best of both worlds. Playing with the filters, and add story visual feature carries the best possible way, a brand can imply a strong brand message.

With such myriad influences and easy accessibility, social media marketing in India have come a long way and with proven success. It's undoubtedly the best platform in accentuating the core of a brand’s image. If you’re looking for standout marketing, establishing a brand from scratch, then getting acquainted with social media is the winning bet.

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