Sunday, 8 January 2017

5 Effective Measures to Boost your Website Presence in 2017

A Brief Overview

The emerging Web Development trends are changing the entire landscape of online and the way developers are roping in new and advanced technicalities to meet the growing needs of a brand. Any business thrives on the very essence of a website that attracts relevant leads from all spheres. Therefore, it becomes more apparent for web development companies to make effective measures and provide a seamless experience for the viewers to get the desired engagement.  
There is going to be a whole amalgamation of enhanced browsing experience, virtual reality, internet of things and advanced responsive design format. Here’s a brief glance of what new changes and cutting-edge shift in design methods we can look forward in 2017.

UX & UI Interfaces – Images plays a pivotal part in enhancing the entire layout of a website. As it has the power to quickly grab audience attention, it can be very effective for a websites presence. In 2017, you can expect a lot of interactive and immersive format where unique typography, big and high-resolution images will be more prevalent.

Landing Page Prominence – One of the key to conversion is definitely the landing pages in a website. Web development companies are strategizing on the concept of shifting the focus of landing from home page to the actual product page. To make hassle-free experience, the sites will be integrated to improved readability, simple and clear heading as well as exclusion of navigation bars.

Pop-Up Minimization – The unnecessary distraction of pop-ups that keeps appearing on the website will be minimized up to a great extent. It will make the site more filtered and more efficient in its functioning. People tend to stay and navigate for a longer duration, if there is convenience of seamless browsing experience.

Accelerated Mobile pages – Tapping into faster loading pages is essential, so as to thrive in the online radar. AMP is categorizing in such a way that it is enabling the website to perform more effectively and in a streamlined manner. There is a specific set of AMP built for mobile-friendly version. As it accounts to rankings for the sites, it should be engaging and must be compelling enough for the viewers.

Structured URL’s – Optimizing sites with accessible URL’s is imperative as it gives a distinct identity for the viewers to actually click through. The URL’s should serve the purpose of being clutter-free as possible as well as sync with the headings of the website. As there are plenty of sites that still sticks to random figures in its URL’s. In 2017, a whole lot of transformation can be witnessed with structured URL taking shape and boosting the search engine result as well.

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