Sunday, 11 June 2017

Know The Power Of Hashtag For Your Brand

Using Instagram for your business purposes won’t get you any returns without hashtag. Simply Measured has reported that post engagement is increased by 12.6 percent by using just a single hashtag. Hence, there’s no better way of driving organic traffic than using a hashtag.
#summer and #love are the words that are most popular as hashtags. However, a social media optimization company must know that using such hashtags alone won’t drive engagement or good quality traffic. Reason? These are not specific, and therefore attract random group of people, leaving your target audience behind.
The key to getting maximum engagement is being more specific. Use your brand or campaign specific hashtags along with several frequently used ones to attract engaging audience.
One way you can start is by reviewing the popular companies in your domain and check the hashtags that they use. You can prepare a list and then test those hashtags on your Instagram posts. In this manner, you’ll get to know what works for your brand and what not. The more specific you remain, the better it would be for your brand.
Save yourself from the cumbersome process of typing all the hashtags every single time by creating a post signature for Instagram. You can save it online; so you just have to select and paste it. Though Instagram allows you to use utmost 30 hashtags, it’s advised to keep the number of hashtags limited. Too many hashtags make your communication haphazard and unclear.
Whether you wish to create awareness about your brand or increase the number of your followers, hashtag is the most sought after tool that works incredibly for Instagram.

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