Wednesday, 27 December 2017

SMO in 2018 : Latest Social Media Optimization Tips

Social Media Optimization is a growing trend that is here to stay. When SMO was introduced to the market, its main aim was to drive traffic towards the website. In the recent years, however, the scenario has changed. Today social media optimization is more about what is trending and what works for the general public. Initially, the purpose of the SMO was to channel the traffic from social networking sites to the main website, but now the SMO means beating the competition amongst the social sites as well. Search engines are using the popularity on social media to rank websites in the SEO criteria. Let us shed some light on the basics tips on increasing your SMO score: 

Building a Reputation: 
The first and foremost step is building a reputation for your social media page. This starts right from your content. You should have a sharp eye that recognizes the quality of the content. The content should connect to the psyche and mindset of the audience in focus. Your content should be interactive and engaging and should be receptive to discussions. It is always a plus point to share information via your posts and creative provided that the information is authentic. 

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Active Engagement: 
Two words: engage actively. Never miss out any opportunity to talk to your audience as people just love someone who talks! Take suggestions, hold discussions and reply to each and every query, no matter how irrelevant it may be. Use the comment box of one of your media page as a medium to communicate and channelize your audience to another social media platform. For example, you can promote your twitter account on your Facebook and vice versa. Use your wit to place the source of your social network. PLUS,(see what I did here!) you can also humorously ask people to share your posts and increase the reach. 

Maximize Influence through Social Media: 
Increase linking ability through blogs, white papers, PDFs and other such platforms. Using inbound links can act as a barometer for assessing the success story of your blog. For making your content travel faster, make use of hashtags, tagging and bookmarking. Also, make it a point that tagging and bookmarking is easy. Use portable mode of content like PDFs, audio files and video snippets and upload them on relevant sites while providing a link back to your website. This will help the content traverse faster. 

Backing Mash Up: 
Yes, I understand, it can be complicated and confusing and also self degrading to some to involve mash ups in your social media strategies, but trust me, it works wonders. To allow your content being copied and used by other pages can be a tough thing to do but it only promotes your ideas. YouTube allows mash ups by letting you cut and copy the source code so that you could include a video in your content is one way encouraging mash ups. Conglomeration of content through RSS feed can help your content travel faster and boost it. 

Stop Excessive Link Dropping: 
Do not; I repeat, DO NOT do excessive link dropping! The idea of optimizing your social media content to every LinkedIn group or Google+ community may seem tempting but resist it because it is really irritating to other users. Not only that, it can be counterproductive and your posts can be unfollowed or reported spam by avid and real users. This can in turn decrease the value of your content and decrease your social value. 

So, we discussed a list of things that can be done by you for your Social Media, but what really counts is honesty. Original content is the best appreciated. Your ideas should be bona fide or inspired but not copied. These are only a few suggestions, use them and of course, your talent and you are bound to create an everlasting stock of awesome ideas.

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