Monday, 3 April 2017

Do Content And Technical Audits Still Hold Relevance?

To know about website issues and improvement areas, SEO audits are very important. Though content and technical audits play a major role in SEO, over the years, they have evolved and expanded their horizons. Audits these days consist of a lot many things other than just broken links, status codes and indexation. These now include other aspects like content engagement, navigation, conversion factors, and content gap analysis.

Site audits are quite affordable, and for any seo company in Delhi or other metropolitan city of India, it’s important that they pay much attention to the barriers that consumers face, and resolve them. This is how you can actually extract big opportunities. Prioritizing efforts to fulfill the needs of your customers can gain maximum returns for your clients.

Hygiene Optimization: the hub of content and technical audits

Hygiene Optimization is extracting the content and technical aspects of your site in the best feasible manner. It calls for striving to improve your performance further. Under hygiene optimization, you continually make small improvements with the help of content optimization and technical audits, like:

- Using paid search insight to increase CTR

- Improving the information architecture on the site and conversion journey

- Ensuring the return of correct status codes and indexing all the relevant pages

Strategic Consultancy: the hub of insight

By understanding the consumers and the way they interact with different brands, you can easily get an idea of their requirements and needs at every stage. This will help you to figure out the opportunities that brands have, and ways to utilize those as well. For example:

- The experience of the website leading to a fall-off in purchase path

- Site structure that is not optimally based on SEO practices and user experience

After getting to know the insights, you can focus on the audit part and draft a solution that is consumer-focused.

Thought audits still remain as an important factor in SEO, there has been a major change in their role - pretty much for the brands, as well as their consumers. 

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