Sunday, 16 April 2017

What Should Come First? Content or Design?

When you hire a web development company to make your business website, questions regarding the order of work might start to mushroom. You might wish to start working on the design first if you’re tech savvy and know all the programming and coding. There are unlimited options in designing today - parallax scrolling, swirly animations, imbedded plug-ins, smooth functioning java, customized shades and fonts - that add a magical wow factor to your website.

But all the efforts put into designing a beautiful website might go in vain if the content is unresponsive or not in sync. To make sure that your design keeps the user captivated to your website, your content has to be effective enough.

Read on to find out why content is equally important to the design.

Design can be pricey

Starting with the design can cost you a huge sum of money as it would be vaguely designed, not knowing about the target audience and content. It might look fantastic, but won’t be economical. The website might have a lot of content, which would leave little scope for the artistic design. On the other hand, your design might prove to be very minimal or simple if the content is limited.

Haphazard content

Most designers or web development agencies often make the mistake of selecting a pattern or template at the very beginning of the website. This would restrict the content writers as they would have to write the content according to the categories designed. This isn’t good for the business.

A state of dilemma

When designers would not have the content, they would not know the basis for designing. Also, the content team would face problem in writing something that fits the design. Therefore, content should be written in the first place, hence making the designing more easy and appealing.

If you wish to design a website that makes the viewers stay for long and click often, make sure that your content fits well into your design.

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